retools - A Python Redis Toolset

retools is a concise set of well-tested extensible Python Redis tools.

retools is available on PyPI at

  • Caching
    • Hit/Miss Statistics
    • Regions for common expiration periods and invalidating batches of functions at once.
    • Write-lock to prevent the Thundering Herd
  • Distributed Locking
    • Python context-manager with lock timeouts and retries
  • Queuing
  • Limiter
    • Useful for making sure that only N operations for a given process happen at the same time
  • Well Tested [1]
    • 100% statement coverage
    • 100% condition coverage (via instrumental)

Reference Material

Reference material includes documentation for every retools API.

Indices and tables

[1]queuing not up to 100% testing yet